Books by Rolf Knight

Not a Philosophical Atheism (2012)

Fascism, Jewish Chauvinism and the Holocaust Revival (2007)

Nativism and Americanism: A critical account of Native claims and fantasies in Canada and the United States (2014; original 2006)

Nativism and Americanism. Reactionary Elements in 'Native Appreciation' (2009)

No Redeeming Qualities. Reviews of a tawdry new age (2002)

Indians at Work. An informal history of Native labour in British Columbia, 1858-1930 (1996)

Homer Stevens. A life in fishing (1992)

Voyage Through the Midcentury (1988)

Traces of Magma. An annotated bibliography of left literature (1983)

Along the No. 20 Line. Reminiscences of the Vancouver Waterfront (1980)

Stump Ranch Chronicles and Other Narratives (1977)

A Man of Our Times. The life-history of a Japanese-Canadian fisherman (1976)

A Very Ordinary Life (1974)

Sugar Plantations and Labour Patterns in the Cauca Valley, Colombia (1972)

Changing Social and Economic Organization Among the Rupert House Cree (1968)

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